Managing Complex Clients Essay

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Managing Complex Clients Essay


The poster flow chart will be on Children with asthma.


The aim of this task is to enable students to demonstrate their understanding of transitional care and high-risk moments in the management of the complex client (and family) related to their area of practice. Transitional moments in care are noted to be particularly risky for patients, and can vary according to the practice environment or the model of care in place (e.g. do patients access care from your organization in the community from different providers, or are they admitted patients who are under transition care when they are transferred to another ward, or when nurses caring for them change shift or change assignments, etc.?)Managing Complex Clients Essay

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This assignment addresses Course Learning Outcomes 2 and 3.

  1. Interpret evidence to identify and manage deteriorating clients and support their families.
  1. Appraise transitional care of complex clients.

Task Description:

There are two (2) parts of this task.

Part A – You will develop an A3 sized flow chart poster that identifies action points for the patient as they access care in your practice environment. You will need to choose a complex client group (e.g. children with asthma, post-surgical patients transferred back to the ward, admission of cardiac patients via emergency, etc.) specific to your clinical context, and describe key points during that care that are high risk. The patient assessment and management that should be used to reduce the risk of patient deterioration should also be identified.

Part B – Your flow chart poster will be accompanied by a 1300 word explanatory report elaborating on the inclusions in your flow chart post and in which you appraise assessment and management approaches (including family where appropriate) that are essential for upholding patient safety. Ensure you consider interdisciplinary roles in this explanation in relation to risk mitigation and transitional care. Managing Complex Clients Essay

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