Madeleine’s portrait.

Observe the following conditions as you write 5 sentences describing Madeleine.

1. Pack the five sentences with ALL the information you have gathered about this character so far. Present the information without wordy introduction and without quotations. The reader must have a comprehensive view of the character Madeleine.

2. The sentences must be rich in vocabulary and correct in grammar and spelling. There must be variation and complex sentence structure without awkwardness.


3. Make the 5 sentences flow from one to the other

. 4. Avoid overused words and expressions.

5. “To Be”, “To Have” and all related forms of these verbs are banned in this exercise.

6. “I”, “You”, “We” and similar expressions are banned in this exercise. The goal of this exercise is to practice, improve, and refine the following concepts:

• Your vocabulary and choice of words,

• Your grammar, especially complex sentence structure and cohesive devices,

• Organization and selection of ideas,

• And a clear concept of Formal Written English (that is different from Informal Spoken English to be avoided in this exercise).

• There is no need for peer editing in this exercise. You must proofread carefully and check that all 6 conditions listed above are met. Marking: A composition that does not respect Conditions 5 and 6 cannot get more than 30/100 Condition 4 cannot get more than 50 Condition 3 cannot get more than 60 What you should do:

A. Your sentences must focus on MADELEINE B. To understand Condition 2, read the paragraph on page 168 as model. Notice the rich vocabulary and the complex sentence structure. “A smell of earth…alone in the word, beneath this living canopy which rustles high up above” (168).

C. To understand Condition 3 and Condition 1 (how a few sentences that flow from one to the other can hold a wealth of information) read the paragraphs on pages 172-173. The following summary of the passage proves how attention to phrasing can describe Georges and Madeleine’s love in very few words:

• Madeleine is an accomplished writer.

• She knows politics and can talk about it in a witty way. She is at ease among powerful politicians and they respect her.

• Georges has learned how to write on the job and now he even excels at getting readers to read between the lines.

• As a writer Georges is reaching up to Madeleine’s level. As a result, he gains confidence and she is happy for him and even admires him.

• This passage defines “love” as a communication “of the minds” followed by that of the “bodies”.

• This passage shows that happiness in ‘love’ requires self-esteem of each and mutual admiration of both. 172 She came up… to their bodies.

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