Loyalty Customer

 1. The individual take-home final exam will focus on a loyalty program for Nora Gardner 2. The loyalty program would be a certain percentage of the overall budget. If the budget for Nora Gardner is $2 million for Calendar Year (CY) 2018, you would devote a percentage of your P&L Gross Sales (Net Sales) to the loyalty program and then work down your P&L against that. The marketing budget for Base and Conservative cases would reflect this percentage number from the top all the way through the profit calculation (contribution) at the bottom. Note the percentage of the overall sales dedicated to a loyalty program can be 20%, 50%, even 80%, as long as you can defend the percentage. You can’t choose 100% as neither business could support that, but you are given the freedom to determine the percentage as long as your explanation supports the overall thesis. 3. You have the option of adding notes regarding your decisions and support for those decisions within the spreadsheet (either create a tab or embed that content in each tab). The key is for you to be able to intelligently explain your reasoning for reaching the conclusions you did. (Kindly note if you choose not to offer any explanation, it will be up to my best judgment to determine your intent.  Include your intent to not leave any doubt.)

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