Remember, your DRAFT must include: Your main inferences (remember to have a focused scope) about:Inferences are your conclusions based on the facts and evidence you learn about the lost tribe. They are your opinions.You thesis cannot be a string of facts you learned about the lost tribe. This is not an informative paper. You need to practice taking facts and making inferences about them to convince your reader of the validity of your conclusions. The tribe’s culture What caused their extinction / loss of this tribe Why your readers should care about your inferences (your conclusions about this “lost tribe”) You also need to remember to include your reasoning as to why your readers should care about the conclusions you made about the lost tribe. Examples: As the ensuing visits between the two groups made clear, in order to exist in the unmitigated harshness of the forest, the small Lykov tribe had to be increasingly adaptable and resilient to adversity, while attempting to balance adherence to a religious philosophy that would be a contributing factor in their demise. However, we do know that because they actively resist contact with the modern world and demonstrate aggressive behavior towards any attempt at foreign contact, they should remain undisturbed as any outside interference will jeopardize their unique culture. The vast enslavement of Africans in America during the 1800’s, resulted in the demise of the Yoruban, thereby, causing their religion and its’ impactful teachings to vanish from history. The lost people of Teotihuacán likely created one of the most desired cities in ancient America featuring culture, art, diversity, and remarkable architecture; nevertheless, it is likely that the level of internal strife caused by and social disparity resulted in the people’s downfall. The aboriginal Australian Pintupi are becoming disconnected from their nomadic culture and traditions as a result of contact with Western civilization, which has brought modernization, making aspects of their culture (such as Dreaming) less relevant and leading to their “extinction”.

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