LML6002 Graduate Diploma in Migration Law Assessment

As discussed above, in the assessment task 1, you will be given the decision of a court based on the Migration law and you have to evaluate it in 1100 words.

This is the LML6002 Assessment Task 1 question.


First of all, our law assignment writers enlist the decision of the court as follows:

  1. The court allowed Siopis J to appeal.
  2. The court decided not to include the orders of the Federal Circuit Court of Australia, dated 13 December 2016 in the present decision.
  3. The nature of certiorari will have a writ.

In addition to these orders, there are several other decisions that the court has taken. After knowing these decisions, our law assignment help experts studied the Karan V Minister for Immigration and Border Protection (2017) FCA 872 (2 August 2017), which is shown below:


Based on this given case, we formulated a critical evaluation of the principles of statutory interpretation that was adopted by Siopsis J which he used to conclude as follows:


In doing so, our law assignment writers make sure to include certain aspects, which include:

  1. All the concepts related to statutory provisions, case law and making use of problem-solving skills.
  2. While drafting the answer to this question, we make sure that it is backed up with clear reference to all the related facts that make it clear.
  3. Based on the facts that our law assignment help experts have established in the given case, we also identify logical assumptions related to the case.

This is not the complete solution of the LML6002 Assessment task 1. We can provide you with the entire solution within a few minutes. Also, if you wish to get assistance on the second assessment task as well, then what you need to do is just send us all the requirements of your assignment, the case details and we will get back to you shortly with the explanation of the entire case within a jiffy!

What To Keep In Mind While Writing The Graduate Of Diploma In Migration Law Assignment?

The solutions that you draft must satisfy certain elements that are considered to be prime in these assignments. Just like our law assignment writers, you too must keep them in mind so that you draft perfect and accurate law assignments.

These are:

  1. Your assignment solution must talk about advanced technical knowledge of migration and administrative law
  2. There has to be a discussion about various provisions that fall under the Migration Act and how it is applied in cross-disciplinary areas.
  3. Our law assignment help experts believe that the solutions that you propose must be able to exemplify ethical and professional standards to give proper solutions to the clients.

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