Literary Criticism, Formalistic Approach

 Description Write a well-developed 5 paragraph essay on any ONE of the following topics. Provide evidence from the text. Use a formalistic approach to critique the book “The Great Gatsby”. IT IS REALLY IMPORTANT TO READ THE BOOK “THE GREAT GATSBY”!!!!!!  criticize the book using the formalistic approach. In the formalistic approach, we need to write about: 1- Symbols 2-Structure 3-vocabulary 4-Dialogue 5-Literary Devices, write a 5 paragraph essay, so there would be 1- Introduction with a thesis statement 2- Body paragraph number 1 3-Body paragraph number 2 4-Body paragraph number 3 5-conclusion In each body paragraph, you write about one of these 1- Symbols 2-Structure 3-vocabulary 4-Dialogue 5-Literary Devices So choose three In the body paragraph, you should include evidence from the book, and an explanation to criticize the book and not analyzing it! Also, in each body paragraph, you need to relate everything to the theme of the book for example; the vocabulary and the symbolism relate it to the theme of the book.

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