List 5 mechanisms by which gene frequencies in a population can be altered

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These questions need to be answered IN DETAIL  since it is for a key assigment, and please 0 plagiarism my professor checks!
1. List 5 mechanisms by which gene frequencies in a population can be altered. Describe each briefly!
2. What is homology, and why does it provide evidence for evolution?
3. What characters do whales posses that make them mammals rather than fish? Why are whales thought to have evolved from land dwelling animals? What is the evidence?
4. Describe characteristics that differentiate humans from other apes in the hominin group.
5. Describe several ways and give examples of how a new species can evolve from a previous species. Explain how in related species one can stay more similar to the common ancestor while others can change more drastically.
6. How is the modern day classification system of life organized (meaning by what criteria are groups of organisms placed within the system)?
7. Why have there been changes that have led to larger and smaller divisions in the older system of Kingdom, Phyla, Order, Family, Genus, Species?
8.Discuss the creation vs. evolution controversy (be specific). How do you think it might be solved, if it can?

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