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lifespan 7-8 discussion


Respond to the following questions. This assignment is worth 5  points. Make sure that you use complete sentences, college-level grammar  and that you have completely thought about your response.

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  1. What is myelination? What is the role of myelin in physical development?
  2. What are centration and conservation according to Piaget? How are centration and conservation related?
  3. Tisha is talking to her grandmother on the phone when she sees a  beautiful cardinal light on the tree branch just outside the window. She  says, “Look, Grammy, look at the bird!” What would Piaget call this  error?
    • Rowen has two teddy bears. He talks to them and they talk to each  other. They all eat lunch together and have fine conversations. What  would Piaget call this behavior?
    • Three-year-old Johnny is crying. His mother gave both he and his  one-year-old brother a cookie, but she broke his baby brother’s cookie  into two pieces which Johnny believes gave him more. What would Piaget  call this error?
  4. According to Vygotsky, how should you teach a young child to ride a two-wheeled bicycle?


Respond to the following. This assignment is worth 5 points. Make  sure that you use complete sentences, college-level grammar and that you  have completely thought about your response.

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  1. When do children understand that different people can feel differently about an event?
  2. Mom is in a hurry. It is always a rule that she and Les say  goodbye to the puppy before leaving the house, but there is no time  today. Les whines, complains and cries concerning the rule that was  broken. According to Piaget Les is exhibiting _________________ moral  reasoning.
  3. At what age are boys more liking to play with larger groups of  boys while girls still tend to prefer to play with one or two friends?
  4. Give an example, not the definition, of authoritarian parenting,  authoritative parenting, neglectful parenting, and indulgent parenting.  Describe the children of each type of parent.

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