Lecture 8 – Bringing Together Major Precepts

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Lecture 8 – Bringing Together Major Precepts
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Assignment attached
Lecture 8 – Bringing Together Major Precepts for the Semester
24  Open discussion: workers’ rights; Short writing #4 – LONG PAPER #2 Due; Prep Verbal Summaries; 330 – 428 STEPS
Introductory Remarks:
Without being as direct as I would have been in previous semesters of on campus instruction prior to COVID and the shift to on-line and remote instruction, I have given you my 119 students assignments and posted lectures that have incorporated the five rhetorical forms you are supposed to learn in English 119. I have also pushed you toward using the critical and analytical tools and research that will be inherent in forming arguments for English 120 once you move on to 120 and research papers. Lecture 8 – Bringing Together Major Precepts .


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We have emphasized the most crucial form for 119, argument, with the understanding that it is very important that you be prepared to move on to wider academic work at whatever four year institution you transfer to in the near future, perhaps in the Fall. Advanced composition (119 and 120) are essential for exactly that reason–to transfer your credits to a four year school and do the work of finishing a BA degree.
When you get to 120 it  will emphasize rejection of euphemism in order to learn to use academic discourse, argument, formal research technique, formatting of research papers, and 119 so far has given you a few tools so far to assess research sources.

  1. Bringing things together

At this point in the semester it is necessary to be certain you all are developing and growing as academic writers and thinkers, as students who can show a basic understanding of rhetorical forms, and who have shifted attention to the last portion of this semester, that must emphasize research.
Here, briefly, are the rhetorical forms you have worked in all along as part of the unspoken process using what you learned in 119, basic writing at the paragraph levelcollege essay form, and doing assignments using revision and drafting:
119 Skills

  1. Summary: Intro Paragraphs


  1. Description: Topic sentences


  1. Process: The summary of support


  1. Comparison and Contrast: Body paragraph expansion & development


  1. Argument: Intro paragraphs, the summary of support

Future 120 Skills

  1. CritiqueThesis sentence (overcoming assumptions)
  2. AnalysisBody paragraphs (overcoming limited thought)
  3. Critical Analysis:Organizing expansion and development
  4. ResearchDevelopment of body paragraph sources (acquiring ‘informed opinions’)
  5. Assessment of all sources using history, science, and comparative researchActive discussion (overcoming the ‘entertainment model of thinking)


  1. II. Research is the basis of argument, not of ‘opinion’ which by definition has no rational and certainly no academic basis

As academics we are interested in claims, documentation, and the verification of claims using 1. sources, 2. disciplines (science, history, technology, etc.), 3. documentary rather than rhetorical or vernacular evidence. This describes an ancient, SECULAR basis of knowledge acquisition, substantiation, recording, and verification–
POINT: needless to say, there IS NO support through ‘opinion‘ (meaning without information), no knowledge through simple acclamation (simple, meaning without documentary support), nor any such thing as consensual verification and thus no consensual reality (not without comparison of bibliographic and documentary evidence, that must be either historical or empirical in nature).  Lecture 8 – Bringing Together Major Precepts.

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