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Leadership Research in Aviation

Charles Lockhart

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University


Leadership Research in Aviation

In the United States, there are many government bodies, including Federal Administration Aviation, Transportation Security Administration, National Labor Relation Board, and many others. These governmental bodies are headed by various leaders, including administrators, who are nominated by the president and elected and confirmed in the Senate. However, the paper addresses a bibliographical sketch of Federal Administration Aviation (FAA) administrator Stephen Dickson.

The administrator to the Federal Administration Aviation is called Stephen Dickson. The title of his leadership is known as FAA administrator.

(Retrieved from https://www.faa.gov/about/key_officials/dickson/)

Professional Background and Qualifications

Stephen Marshal Dickson was born in September 1957 and started his profession as a pilot in American Airforce. After this position, he became one of the executives for Delta Airlines. In this position at Delta Airlines, the work of Stephen Dickson was to be in charge of operations and safety of global flights in Delta. He was also a pilot trainer, scheduled crew, and even regulated compliance. He flew many line operations as a captain starting from B737 up to the time he became captain of A320. In his career, Dickson was a very strong and reliable advocate for the safety of commercial aviation, and he participated much in the improvement of the American airspace system. Also, he had served as a chairman to various industries and stakeholders’ groups, not forgetting the advisory committees he chaired. After quitting a job from Delta airline, he was nominated by President Donald Trump to administrate the Federal Aviation Administration in the year 2019. The commercial senate committee confirmed him in a 14-12 vote on July 2019 to head an outfit which had no permanent manager from 2018. After this, the Senate approved Dickson as an administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration by a 52-40 vote and replaced the administrator by then known as Daniel Elwell.

Background and Qualifications for the Job Position

The first action of Dickson as an administrator in the Federation Aviation Administration was to held simulator tests for pilots who had been announced on August 2019. The simulator tests were for the new software Boeing 737 MAX. On September 2019, Dickson was willing to correct the MAX after he flew the aircraft to test the software by himself. This showed that Dickson was recommendable for the position as an administrator in the Federal Aviation Administration. The requirements which were required for the qualification of administrator in the Federal Aviation Administration was to pass the knowledge test, can speak English, write it, and speak the language. Also, for one to qualify in this position, he had to hold a certificate as either a student pilot or sport pilot.

Becoming an airport command, Stephen Dickson had pilot certification in the United States. “He completed an application which had been made via Airman Certification and Rating Application”. “The application was also done through the use of paper known as FAA form 8710-1, and therefore submission was via FSDO. FSDO is an office for the Federal Aviation Administration with a trained and designated examiner.



Federal Aviation Administration, 2019. Retrieved from https://www.faa.gov/about/key_officials/dickson/

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