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Part 1: PowerPoint Presentation
As a business consultant hired by senior organizational leadership at CapraTek, the fictional design and manufacturing company you read about last week, prepare a 12–15 slide PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes that will be presented to the General Manager, Manager of Information Technology, and Marketing Manager at the kickoff meeting for an organizational efficiency planning session. Highlight areas where various leaders will need to coordinate to ensure their plans are aligned with the same organizational goals and objectives that you develop.

Start the presentation with the 3-minute elevator pitch you created for this week’s discussion. In this pitch, you want to send a clear message about the importance of business planning. You should explain the importance of organizational goals and objectives to grow a business and include key performance indicator (KPI) targets that should be considered by corporate leaders when developing their strategic plans. The script for your elevator pitch should be in the speaker notes of the first slide after your cover slide.

The remainder of the presentation should address the following:


The business planning process.
Key components for a business plan, technology plan, and marketing plan.
Best practices for creation of a business plan that aligns to organizational goals.
Inclusion of a business planning model and an illustration of the model.
How the planning process applies to key business support functions for leadership, information technology, and marketing management.
Your presentation should use bullet points and graphics presented in a professional format. Be sure to include speaker notes of 150–200 words for each slide and include in the speaker notes APA citations for resources used. The last slide of your PowerPoint presentation should be a reference list.

Part 2: Recording of Elevator Pitch
Using your Capella Zoom account, record your 3-minute elevator pitch that you developed in Part 1 of the assignment. Your elevator pitch should include key concepts found in the course resources presented in the first three weeks that address the following:

Importance of planning and best practices for success.
Linking departmental plans to the overall strategic plan and business operations goals.
Key performance indicators that each manager needs to consider when developing a plan.
Refer to the Audio and Video in this Course section of the Tools and Resources for more information about recording tools. For your Zoom recording you must use your Capella Zoom account that was created with your university email. Submit a link to your recording in the Comments section of the assignment submission area. Be sure when you submit the recording of your Zoom video to include the required passcode for viewing.

You must also submit the recording to your Capella OneDrive/ePortfolio account. Please share the link with your instructor in the Comments section when you submit your assignment.

Note: If you require the use of assistive technology or alternative communication methods to participate in this activity, please contact DisabilityServices@Capella.edu to request accommodations.

Submission Instructions
Upload the recording of your 3-minute video to your ePortfolio.
Refer to the Online e-Portfolio: OneDrive section on the Tools and Resources page for more information.
Copy and paste the link to your Zoom recording in the Comments section of the Week 3 assignment submission area of the courseroom, along with the passcode to view the recording.
Submit your PowerPoint in the Week 3 assignment submission area of the courseroom.
You are required to follow the Standard Naming Convention requirements for any files you upload. You will find the requirements in the DBA Submissions Requirements page.
About CapraTek
CapraTek has a long history as a leader in the design and manufacture of computer server components and continues to provide innovative solutions to industry needs. Now, CapraTek is leveraging this culture of innovation to expand into emerging wireless technologies. As part of that diversification, CapraTek is developing advanced smart-home technology. CapraTek recently announced that it will begin the development of an integrated wireless system that will provide seamless integration of virtually all home electronics and appliances, all controlled through a single wireless device and a simple web-based interface.

CapraTek will provide excellence in everything we do as we define and deliver technology solutions for tomorrow’s problems.

To measurably contribute to the goals of our customers—both direct consumers and resellers—by providing extraordinary products at a fair and competitive price. CapraTek will focus on enhancing the success of its partners, employees, and investors by enacting the values of teamwork, respect, accountability, integrity, and innovation.

For business customers, we will create value through efficiency, reliability, and flexibility both in our products and our customer service.
For resellers, we will offer unique products that create sales and profit opportunities, including valuable vendor relationships, sales programs, access to credit, and training and development.
These are the values that should shape every decision made at CapraTek from the board room to the assembly line.

Teamwork: We work together as a unified team to meet our goals.
Respect: We strive to bring the highest degree of dignity, equality, and trust to every interaction with our coworkers, our customers, our shareowners, our manufacturers, and our community.
Accountability: We take responsibility for our actions, decisions, and products. We accept our individual, team, and corporate responsibilities and we meet our commitments.
Integrity: We employ the highest ethical standards, demonstrating honesty and fair-mindedness in all our interactions.
Innovation: We consider innovation crucial to our mission and to our ability to continually live our values. We welcome change and the many opportunities that change brings.

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