Leadership Assessments found on Internet

Resource: Leadership Assessments found on Internet

Open your web browser and search for either “Leadership Legacy Assessment Test” or “Disc Personality Test.”

Complete one of these free online tests. Note: The online test should be free so if you encounter a site that charges a fee for the test please continue searching for a site that offers a free test.

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Write a 500- to 650-word summary in which you articulate elements of leadership using the following criteria:

  • Examine your individual, essential elements of leadership and management.
  • Differentiate between leadership and management roles, and provide specific examples from the text, literature, or personal example.

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines, with a reference page and corresponding in-text citations.

Provide real workplace examples and at least two scholarly references.

Write in third person for all academic papers; do not use personal pronouns.

Spell check and proofread your paper carefully.

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Take special note that although assignments might ask for your opinion, ALL academic papers should be written in third person. Do NOT use personal pronouns.  It is understood that papers are written in your opinion, with your ideas, and from your suggestions.  You do not need to use the words “I or me or you.”  Points are deducted for papers written in first or second person.

Make sure you use correct citations and references for all quotes and paraphrased material, such as (Welhouse, 2017), (Welhouse, 2017, p. 1), (Welhouse, 2017, para. 2).  The period goes after the citation, not before it, even with quoted material.

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