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Paper details TEXT BOOK: Cox, S. M., Marchionna, S., & Fitch, B. D. (2017).


Introduction to policing (3rd ed.) Submit a 6-8 page research addressing a recent police department scandal. It is expected that at least three outside sources in addition to the textbook will be utilized. Some good examples would be the Rampart Scandal, Boston Police cocaine trafficking or the Bay Area Sex Scandal. You must have a title and reference pages which do not count toward the 6-8 page requirement. You will need to address the following: A summary of the incident Identify the major players involved in the scandal Provide at least two ways the scandal affected law enforcement’s relationship with the community Explain how the use of police discretion contributed the scandal Identify the changes that were made in the department because of the scandal Make sure to incorporate any feedback you received on your Week 3 Law Enforcement Scandal Paper Outline. The paper will be typed double spaced in Arial using 12-point font with 1” margins in APA format.

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