Description Spanish in the World: Ladino Please choose three keywords/names from the list below that you find crucial for our understanding of the significance of Ladino language, culture and literature. Write an essay (5-7 pages, Times New Roman, double-spaced) that explains the reasons for your choice of keywords/names. Your essay must provide clear explanations and identifications of the keywords/terms of your choice as you have encountered them in your readings or in the context of the guest lectures. Citations (if any) should follow the MLA style. Deadline: December 19. Please submit your essay via email to Let me know please if you have any questions and thank you so much for a wonderful seminar. Inquisition Alhambra Decree Queen Isabella (Isabella I of Castile) Andalus The Second Temple Cordoba Abd al-Rahman (I) Salonica Sabbatai Sevi Exile Converso Caliphate Almoravids Constantinople Umayyads Ottoman Empire The subject named Ladino.

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