Label each of the following statements that is an argument with an A

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HU2000 Week 4 Assignment Worksheet

Quinesha Johnson

Note: Week 4 assignment consists of 2 parts.

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Part 1-

In Part 1 you will label the statements as either an argument or a premise.

Directions: Label each of the following statements that is an argument with an A. Label each statement which is a premise with a P. (Hint: an argument includes the premise(s) and conclusion).

1. ______ Tom got a C in that class, so it must be pretty tough.

2. ______ About 30 percent of the members of the first-year class are adults over twenty-five years old, and most of the older students are women.

3. ______ Because she acted real friendly at the party, I’ll bet she wants to go out with me.

4. ______ That professor must not like me, or she wouldn’t have ignored me when I wanted to ask a question.

5. ______ In the first place, you shouldn’t think less of people just because they don’t dress like you do.

6. ______ Look, if she gave a quiz in the last class, she won’t give a quiz today.

7. ______ If most students complain about the food in the cafeteria, it can’t be very good food.

8. ______ First-year students are adults who can make their own decisions; they shouldn’t be required to attend classes.

9. ______ Probably, the campus crime rate will increase over the next few years.

10. ______ Because the outside door to the residence hall is always locked and yet someone stole the TV from the lounge, a hall resident must have been involved in the theft.

11. ______ Since they began studying together, the members of the group have all gotten better grades in math.

12. ______ All first-year students took the writing test; and since Susan is a first-year student, she must have completed the writing test.

Part 2: In this section you will label each statement of the argument as a premise or conclusion. Then, you will identify whether the argument is inductive or deductive. Support your decision with information you learned from your readings this week.


In the first column (Label P/C) place a P if the statement is a Premise, or a C if the statement is a conclusion. Identify whether the argument is an inductive or deductive argument, and provide rationale for your decisions.

Argument 1

Label (P/C) Statement
  Seventy percent of the college students in a sample from a well-known large university reported that they studied about two hours a day on weekdays.
  Ken is a student at that well-known university.

  Ken studies about two hours each weekday.

Is this an inductive or deductive argument? Why?

Argument 2

Label (P/C) Statement
  Students who complete all the readings and practice exercises do better on exams.
  Sally completed all the readings and practice exercises.

  For that reason, Sally will do well on the exam

Is this an inductive or deductive argument? Why?

Argument 3

Label (P/C) Statement
  If Michael were a really good friend, he would lend me his car for the weekend.
  Michael refuses to lend me his car for the weekend

  Michael is not a really good friend.

Is this an inductive or deductive argument? Why?

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Argument 4

Label (P/C) Statement

About 55 percent of the students surveyed at colleges and universities reported that they used condoms during sexual intercourse.
  Jim is a student at one of these schools.

  Jim uses condoms when he has sexual intercourse.

Is this an inductive or deductive argument? Why?

Argument 5

Label (P/C) Statement
  Either I left my wallet on my dresser, or I have lost it.
  The wallet is not on my dresser.

  So, I must have lost it.

Is this an inductive or deductive argument? Why?

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