Kickstarter Reward-based Crowdfunding (RBCF) Platform

(100 %) You are expected to write a 2000 – 2,500 word essay


1. Literature Review – First review and assess the academic literature on reward-based crowdfunding. You may use the literature suggested in this handbook. However, good essays should also demonstrate your extended knowledge by researching and finding additional academic articles on the subject. Develop a strong research-based view on the subject. Additionally, within this literature review, you should chose and compare rewardbased crowdfunding with equity crowdfunding model presented in this module. In other words, what are the similarities (if any) and what are the differences between both funding models base on academic articles, lectures and workshops.



2. Select a reward-based crowdfunding project: Select a successfully funded venture or project of your interest as a case study on Kickstarter Critically analyse the case by drawing on knowledge from the academic literature.


3. Critically discuss the Kickstarter (RBCF) campaign of your choice reflecting on your knowledge gleaned from the academic literature review:


 – Why you have you selected this particular model and campaign?

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