Introduction to Psychology

(75 points)

This article review is worth 75 points toward your final grade. The paper should be no longer than three (3) typewritten pages, nor shorter than two (2) typewritten pages.  The paper will be double-spaced. The objectives of this assignment are three-fold:

1.   Compare the validity of sources of information

2.   Demonstrate professional database and internet search skills

3.   To express critical thinking in comparison of sources of a similar topic in a clear

and scholarly fashion

The paper must follow APA documentation style. It should include a title page (as shown on the last page of this document), the body of the paper and a Reference list. See online links for specific APA style notations.

When writing the paper, do not copy word for word from any source as this and close paraphrasing constitutes plagiarismand is not acceptable.  Any passage (however minute) from a source included in your paper must be within quotes indicating that the passage is not your original words. Quotes should be kept to a minimum (two short quotes at most) and should reference the page number where the quote is found from the source. If even one case of plagiarism or close paraphrasing is found within your paper, the minimum penalty is a zero score on the paper without opportunity to redo the paper. All papers will be submitted to Turn-It-In, a web site which compares all papers with journal content and other papers that have been submitted by students across the nation and from purchase papers web sites.


1.   Determine a topic of personal interest from the textbook. Once you have chosen a topic or area of interest, you are ready to conduct the topic search.

2.   First, conduct a search on the databases located on the JCCC library site. These databases will direct you to professional journals in Psychology. These are professional sources which are published in “peer reviewed” journals. Conduct a subject specific search and locate an article which addresses the topic you chose. Next, conduct an internet search using Google or Yahoo. Locate an article or source related to your topic. Keep in mind that the internet search reference may NOT be Wikipedia. If you do not know how to conduct either of these types of searches, ask the reference librarian to help you.

3.   Once you have both articles you may begin the comparison. Keep in mind that you must engage your critical thinking to determine the validity and strength of each of the articles from the two sources.

4.   Now begin writing the paper.  Major sections of your paper include:

1.   why you chose this topic

1.   a review of the article you located from the databases on the library site

1.   a review of the article you located from your internet search

1.   develop a critical comparison between the two sources in terms of:

2.   the validity of each of the two sources

3.   differences between the two sources

4.   which source you would trust for accurate information

1.   personal concluding comments on this assignment and lessons learned

1.   a reference list which includes the textbook and the two sources

5.   All papers must be turned in online and in Word format. Hard copy papers will not be accepted. Turn in your completed paper at the ANGEL online drop box for this course. If you need assistance with technical issues, please call the JCCC Help Desk at 913-469-8500 x4357.


Assessment of your paper will consider how well the paper meets the assignment requirements, writing style and accuracy of APA style.

Sample Title Page:

Review of Title of First ArticleAuthor(s) of First Article Title of Second ArticleAuthor(s) of Second Article  Introduction To PsychologyCourse Day and TimeB. Redburn Date Written byYour name

By submitting your paper, you agree that you have written this paper entirely by yourself,  each and every word was composed entirely by you and no portion was copied from any other source.

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