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International Tourism Cultures & Behavior

International Tourism Cultures & Behavior

HOST 2085



Week 6











Workshop 2 (15%)

Case Study 4.1 pg 81

Maori Culture







Case Study 8.1 pg 223

Shanghai Night or Nightmare?






Workshop 2 (15%)


Using Fig. 8.3, pg 219, identify explain which stages Chuyen experienced in relation to the time spent in Shanghai and the experience satisfaction.


Name and explain 2 contextual factors that affected a meaningful social interaction between Chuyen and the hosts. Provide examples (pg. 206)




Maori Culture

Choose one intercultural theory. Explain the theory and how it applies to the tourists-host interaction in this case. (Ch 3)


Name and explain 3 cultural impacts of tourism on the Maori culture in New Zealand (Ch. 4)

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