International Markwting Plan

Short, clear, concise, decision and action oriented reports attract high marks. Format: Management Report (International Marketing Plan) with full Harvard references Word Limit: 3000 words (for main report text), primary/secondary data, budgets etc, in the appendices, and references do not count toward the 3000 word limit. Font: Arial font size 11 or 12 point, (this font). In the business world organisations will have a compulsory ‘house style’ for reports/plans. Keep to the house font and focus on impressive written content. International marketing plan (report) format. Full bibliography of sources referenced using the Harvard system. The plan must include two appendices: (not included in the word count). Appendix I) Primary and Secondary Market Research Country Screening data and other summary data regarding market size, market growth, customer preferences, segments, segment size, cultural and legal requirements, competitors, promotion and distribution channels, shipping costs, etc.) Appendix II) Marketing Budget (Promotion Costs Only including agency costs) and Marketing Channel Costs and Contribution Analysis (see template spreadsheets on Moodle). Task International Marketing Plan written for the CEO of your chosen of EU SME company for one distinct physical product (not an entire company, brand or range of products) completely new to market in one of: Brazil, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Turkey or Vietnam. (As approved by your tutor in the formative assessment – see above.) The international marketing plan must be addressed to the CEO of your chosen company and contain clear business objectives for the first year e.g. €50,000 in gross sales (€15,000 in net revenue), The plan must present alternative options and make firm, clear and costed decisions regarding: 1. What is to be achieved? – Business objectives. (100 words) 2. Which country and why? – Country screening. (350) Screen all countries 3. Which market segment(s)? – STP (500) 4. What is to be achieved in the chosen market? – Marketing Objectives (250) 5. How will you bring the product to the customer? – Entry Mode Selection (500) 6. How will you compete and generate value? – Detailed New Market Marketing Mix (1000) 7. How much will the promotional element cost? Will we make or lose money in year 1? – New Country Market Marketing Budget (300) Students are advised that this is a marketing plan, not a business strategy plan, and must not include a PESTLE or SWOT or Porters 5 forces analysis in the main body of the report as these techniques are too high level and use too many words of the word count. The plan is to be action orientated and detailed, not a general strategic report i.e. statements such as “it is very important to set a price” but not actually set the price clearly should be avoided. Students are advised to use diagrams, tables and spreadsheets to support their plan (it also saves on word count). Do not cut and paste from websites etc., it doesn’t demonstrate understanding, make your own interpretation to show thoughtfulness. It is a management report so reference judiciously.

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