International Management


1. Do you think China will continue to achieve record growth? What  factors could hurt its prospects?

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2. Because of an abundance of cheap  labor, China has been called “the workshop of the world.” Do you think  this will still be the case a decade from now? Why or why not?

3. What  communication and negotiation approaches are likely to work best when  foreignMNCs experience demands from Chinese workers for higher wages?


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China  will continue to achieve record growth because it has increased the  sphere of the urban development and industrialization to a greater  extent. By ensuring the fact that the benefits of urban development and  industrialization have started benefitting the society, the Chinese  government has now focused its attention on the development of the  healthcare sector, aviation, and clean energy technology. Although the  technological advancement and economic development of China are going  smoothly, however, the factors like fewer wages and benefits to the  workers can cause some damage to the ongoing process of speedy progress  (Brown).

The population of China is much greater, and the economic development  is also increasing at a greater pace, however, still, many people work  at cheaper labor rates, because they cannot find good wages and cannot  stop working at the cheaper labor, as it would cause loss to them.  However, the conditions would not stay the same even after a decade,  because the working community is now more aware of their rights and  value. They are now raising their voices to get increased wages, as well  as other benefits like health insurance, retirement plans, etc.

The communication and negotiation approach likely to work best when  foreign MNCs experience demand from Chinese workers for higher wages  include the passion for the job, goals, responsibility, and achievements  in their jobs. All these can lead to the increase in the wages of the  worker or even losing the job if the conditions are not fulfilled (Fan).


1. Do you think China will continue to achieve record growth? What  factors could hurt its prospects?  yes I think that China will continue  to achieve record growth for 2018 the Chinese government targets growth  at around 6.5 percent.  China has a remarkable period of rapid growth  shifting from a centrally planned to a market based economy.  China is  an upper middle income country that has a complex development needs,  where banks continue to play an important development role. China faces  demographic pressures related to an aging population and the internal  migration of labor.  significant policy adjustments are required in  order for chin’s growth to be sustainable.

2.  Because of an abundance of cheap labor, China has been called “the  workshop of the world.” Do you think this will still be the case a  decade from now? Why or why not? Cheap labor will continue to exists but  less, ” According to the Census Bureau’s 2012 population projections,  the U.S. population is expected to continue to grow slowly, to grow  older, and to become more racially and ethnically diverse.2 During the  2012–2022 period, the growth of the labor force is anticipated to be due  entirely to population growth, as the overall labor force participation  rate is expected to decrease from 63.7 percent in 2012 to 61.6 percent  in 2022″.

3. What communication and negotiation approaches are likely to work best when foreign MNCs experience demands from Chinese workers for higher wages? because of cultural differences and diversity, there might be many communication challenges. An  effective communication flow that can be utilize for foreign MNCs who  experiencing demands from workers, is downward communication. This type  of communication is the transmission of information from managers to  subordinates

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