Intermediate Temperature proton Conducting Membrane Fuel Cells 150-250°C.

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Each student will produce an individual report of maximum of 2500 words and should include appropriate references and diagrams. Appendices will not be marked so make sure the calculations are clear and easily followed and use the correct units. References doesn’t contribute to the word count. The subject of the report is: Intermediate Temperature proton Conducting Membrane Fuel Cells 150-250°C. It has been suggested that, for a combined heat and power (CHP) unit for a residential application, a fuel cell system based on an intermediate temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cell should be used. Discuss this concept in relation to:


1. The requirements of a CHP system to supply electrical power in the range of 50 to100 kW, and heat in the range of 30 to 50 kW. NB: This is should talk about the CHP system and not just the fuel cell (i.e. dont forget balance of plants).

2. Operation of inetrmediate temperature polymer electrolyte fuel cell based systems

3. The size of the fuel cell system and the system components. Describe a type of system that may be used for this application; identifying key components and their functions and requirements during operation. (i.e. components of the system not just fuel cell unit).

4. The material types, principle of operation; performance; of proton exchange membranes for intermediate temperature (150-250 oC) fuel cells (and survey the current and future materials for this type of fuel cells (not the system) ). You need to calculate the size and number of cells, typical stack operating voltage range and current density. The flow rate required of oxidant and fuel (type and source of fuel). Remember to consider fuel and oxidant utilisation and system efficiency. For costing the system you can use the cost models (i.e. cost of components per kW) in the attached pdf files as a guide (1 or 2 or combination of both), feel free to use other sources too. Just cite which source you based used your costing on. In completing this assignment you will satisfy the following module learning outcome: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the operation of fuel cells using solid state electrolytes Overall Marking scheme The following aspects of the report will be evaluated.

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