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 Read the required literature and especially review the videos. Critical Infrastructure Protection Module: Energy Supply Chain Energy Vulnerability Analysis Critical Infrastructure: Vulnerability Analysis and Protection: SCADA Structure SCADA Vulnerability Analysis Permission granted by Naval Postgraduate School, Center for Homeland Defense and Security, 28JAN11. Read the required literature, especially National Infrastructure Protection Plan (2009), pp. 76-79; and, Sector-Specific Plans (SSPs), Department of Homeland Security. Answer the following: Why are refinery and storage stages more vulnerable than at other supply chain components? IT-ISAC: Explain what this is and its role in IT and computer products. “SCADA protection is scattered among governmental agencies and commercial groups.” Give some examples of overlap. Explain the relationship of National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP) and Sector-Specific Plans (SSPs). Also, their relationship with Department of Homeland Security. Explain the function of an SSP; choose a particular SSP and describe its purpose. Also, why did you choose that particular plan? —- The assignment should be at least 5-8 pages not counting the title page and references. Subheadings should be used to organize your paper according to question. —- Reading and Videos Common cyber-security vulnerabilities observed in control system assessments by the INL NSTB program (2008), Department of Energy. Retrieved from: National infrastructure protection plan (2009). [Read 5.2 The CIKR Protection Component of the Homeland Security Mission, and 5.3 Relationship of the NIPP and SSPs to Other CIKR Plans and Programs, pp. 76-79]. Retrieved from: Sector-specific plans (SSPs), Department of Homeland Security. Retrieved from:


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