Information System Internal Cyberthreat Detection

Assignment due on Saturday (August 28, 2021).

For this assignment, you must select the methodology you feel is most suitable for the research you would like to conduct during the remaining courses in this program. You must then write a paper explaining the methodology you intend to use, the research problem you would like to address, and the reasons you feel your selected methodology is appropriate for your research interests.

Your paper should contain the following items:

  • Title Page
  • Problem Statement – A detailed discussion of the scope and nature of the problem, how it developed or evolved into a problem, and why it is a problem.
  • Methodological Approach – A detailed explanation of how the study will be undertaken and how the goal will be achieved in terms of data collection and analysis.

·       If you plan to conduct qualitative research, include a detailed explanation of the preferred research design (case study, phenomenological study, grounded theory, etc.), as well as the preferred data collection and analysis methods and tools.

·       If you plan to conduct quantitative research, include draft hypotheses for each research question and explain in detail the preferred research design (survey, correlational, pre-test/post-test experimental, etc.), as well as the preferred data collection and analysis methods and tools.

·       If you plan to conduct constructive research, include an overview of the type of artifact you plan to create, how it will address the problem, and how you will measure success.

  • Ethical Issues – A detailed explanation of any ethical, legal, or practical issues you may need to contend with during the study. Include the threats to internal and external validity in your study and ways to mitigate the threats.
  • References

Length: 5 page academic paper, not including title page and references

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