Individual performance intervention critique.

For this assignment, you will complete an individual performance intervention critique. Select a single intervention from an individual perspective, not a group. For interventions and intervention types, you should refer to the instructional content for this module, and the assigned readings. In your critique you will analyze the intervention through a variety of lenses. In your critique, you will create a narrative that justifies the use of an intervention for a situation. Use a situation that you are familiar with or select a case study from the text. In your narrative, you should include the following elements. Please use the list below as an outline for your critique and include information regarding each bullet.

Brief description of the situation, including the organization, performance gap, stakeholders description of the intervention justification for the use of that intervention for the situation description of how the intervention will influence stakeholders description of the benefits of and drawbacks to the intervention description of the impact of the intervention on the individual and the organization evaluation of the intervention as part of the HPT professional “toolkit” Possible Intervention Topic Selection Examples: Performance Support Systems, Knowledge Management, Learning Organization (Corporate Universities), Action Learning, Education and Training (Self-Directed Learning, Technical and Non-Technical Training, Just-in-Time Training, On-the-Job Training), Interactive Learning Technologies (Enterprise Training, Classroom Learning, Distance Learning/Distributed Learning, Computer-Based Learning, Online Learning/e-Learning), Games and Simulations, Non-Instructional Performance Systems, Job Aids, Electronic Performance Support Systems (EPSS), Documentation and Standards, Job Analysis, Job Descriptions, Job Specifications, Process Design, Job Design, Job Enlargement, Job Rotation, Job Enrichment, Job Interview, Human Factors and Ergonomics, Safety Engineering, Preventive Maintenance, Value Analysis/Value Engineering (VA/VE), Personal Development, Feedback, Coaching, Mentoring, Emotional Intelligence, Career Development, Balanced Scorecard, Debriefing, Work-Life Balance Remember, your critique should be in narrative form (not just a table or listing of topics that address the above issues). Consider that it is a report that you are submitting to your client on the potential use of an intervention. An example project (PDF)Preview the document has been included in the Course Assignments section of the table of contents, under Course Documents and Resources.

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