Indian Wars in American History Essay

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Indian Wars in American History Essay


Hello! This is part of my midterm. I don’ t need a bibliography because its supposed to be based on prior knowledge gained from the class! Just a short 4 paragraph essay is fine by me. It is an online class so here are the website links to the text books we use in class for info!

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Indian Wars in American History

The arrival of English colonists in Jamestown, Virginia in 1607 led to the eruption of a tense relationship between the Native Americans and the colonists. The Native Americans had lived in the land for millions of years and were scattered all over the place in hundreds of different tribes. However, due to issues related to control of land, the two groups engaged in a series of wars known as the American Indian wars.

The Dakota War broke out in 1862 when four young Dakota men on a hunting expedition came across five white settlers and killed them. This encouraged the rest of the Dakota community to join forces forming a war council that was determined to fight the settlers to safeguard their property ad especially land. Although the Dakota community was able to kill a significant number of U.S troops, they were eventually defeated by the U.S army during the Battle of Wood Lake in September 1862.Indian Wars in American History Essay


           In the U.S, the Civil War started in 1861 after a long period of continued tensions between the northern and southern states in America. The southern states were agriculturalists and supported the slave trade and slave ownership, while the northern states who had heavily invested in technology were against slavery. Therefore, the southern states were afraid that they would lose slaves who were the backbone of their economy. Besides, the rise of Abraham Lincoln into power triggered the secession of seven southern states forming the Confederate States of America. This factor played a significant role in the eruption of the Civil War. The war was the most traumatizing experience ever experienced by the American people. During the war, there was massive loss of lives and property worth millions of dollars.

After the civil war, countries such as Germany and Scandinavia triggered the settlement of the upper Midwest pains. The government loaned rail companies some money and gave them large tracts of land to start-up operations. The Native Americans could not watch their land being grabbed; thus, they interfered with the rail construction and killed workers. Conflicts broke out between the government forces and the locals. The conflicts saw the killing of buffalos by the government forces a move aimed at undermining the Indian economies.Indian Wars in American History Essay

The Plains Wars and especially the Civil War, had a great impact on American history. The war between the northern and southern states had previously divided the American people. However, the battle at Gettysburg in 1863, which saw 51,000 casualties in just three days, made the people realize that they needed to unite against all the odds. Besides, infrastructures such as rails which were constructed during that time still play an essential role in transporting goods and people from one part of the country to the other. As a result, America is the largest economy in the world.

The wars also made it possible for the Americans to realize that they were equal despite their racial affiliations. Slavery was later abolished in the southern states, and people of color were allowed to own property like their white counterparts. Although there are still cases of racism in modern America, they are significantly few compared to the mid-18th century.

In conclusion, the Plains Wars involved Native Americans and white colonists. The natives fought to preserve their land, which the colonists wanted to grab. These wars led to massive loss of lives and property.  The wars had a great impact on American history. For instance, they brought Americans together against all the odds. Indian Wars in American History Essay

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