In this weeks discussion question, you are asked to examine strategies, theories, and models of organizational power and influence in order to understand leaderships impact on organizational culture and effectiveness.

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Not only do effective leaders influence employees, but they also wield influence on organizational culture and the overall effectiveness of the organization.

Base your answer either on an organization you know or have researched. Supply the name and website of the organization and address the following.

Explain organizational culture.
Describe how leadership may affect the culture and effectiveness of an organization.
As a leader, what changes would you recommend to improve the effectiveness of an organization?
Support your discussion with at least one scholarly article and cite it using APA style. Max 350 words

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Interactive Learning Material

Gruenfeld, D. H. (2017). Power & influence [Video file]. Retrieved from

The Negotiation Experts. (2016). The unethical side of negotiation. Retrieved from

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