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Improving PPE Usage in Urgent Care Facility

Improving PPE Usage in Urgent Care Facility

My practice problem is: How to improve PPE usage in an urgent care facility. State the practice problem in measurable terms. State the data that suggests a practice problem exists Include a purpose statement. Analysis of the Existing Evidence Summarize the findings from the evidence analysis that support your practice problem. Identify research, clinical guidelines, expert opinions, and other relevant information. You must include two-three research studies in your analysis. Using your own words synthesize the evidence that supports your identified practice problem. There should be no quotes or personal opinions included in this section. Quality Improvement Process (Completed this Week) (Approximately 2-3 paragraphs) Describe the quality improvement process and the quality model that will be used as a basis for the practice problem.



This is not your entire quality improvement plan, only a description of the quality improvement process and the quality model you chose. You will develop your specific quality improvement plan in week 4. Include a description of a quality improvement tool(s) that you will use in your quality improvement plan. See Spath, (2018) chapter 6 for examples. Explain why the specific process was selected and document your explanation with references. Conclusion Improving PPE Usage in Urgent Care Facility


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