Importance of Referencing in Academic Writing

Learn the Importance of Referencing in Academic Writing

So, you want to secure high marks? College time is the crucial time to think about how to score good grades and grab the wonderful opportunities for better future progress. For good marks, it is quite important to submit error-free work as your project submission. But, it is tough to write unique content in all your assignments, homework, and research work. Thus, students must acquire proper knowledge to make their work plagiarism free and unique. To make your work genuine, you need to understand the importance of referencing while composing your academic papers.

While composing your work especially your research work, you need to include many researcher’s works and require to refer credible sources for information such as articles, journals, research papers, or any book. Because writing particular content in your words may lead to misleading or incorrect information. Therefore, you have to understand the necessity of referencing while drafting your research papers. In this write-up, you will get detail information about the citations or referencing so that you can use them in the correct format.

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What is referencing?

Referencing or citation is a method of identifying and acknowledging someone’s work that you have used in your research. Citation helps readers to make a proper connection between the information and its original source. The important factors you need to include while using referencing style are

  • The name of the author
  • Date of publication
  • Name and location of the publishing company
  • Title of the journal or name of the book
  • Title of the research or chapter’s name
  • DOI (Digital Object Identifier)

Follow two basic methods for referencing: In first, you need to provide a brief reference of work in the body section known as “in-text citation” and in second, a detailed reference list is required to mention all references at the end of the paper (in a list format).

Purpose of referencing

Today, referencing become the most essential part of academic writing. It provides authenticity to students’ research work in which they put their effort and dedication.

  • It allows readers to locate the original sources of research work so that they can access the information or material and understand it in their way.
  • Citation helps to tackle plagiarism issues.

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