Importance of Performance Management Process & Best Practices To Optimize Monitoring Performance Work Reviews/Feedback .

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 For this assignment, you are to first read the article, Performance Management and Best Practices, that follows this assignment. After reading the article, consider whether you agree or disagree with the author and the direction she thinks performance management should take. Select what you consider to be the 2-3 most important of her 10 Ways To Optimize The Performance Review Process. You are to write a 2 page (double spaced) analysis of your thoughts on the direction the author thinks performance management should take and how the best practices she discusses would effect organizations, supervisors/managers and employees. Include in your analysis a discussion of which 2-3 of her 10 Ways To Optimize The Performance Review Process you selected as most important and explain why you selected each of those specific ones. After completing the analysis, save it as a word document and upload it to the Performance Management & Best Practices dropbox. This is a 5 point class assignment with additional bonus points for the best analysis.


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