Impact of Technologies on Knowledge Acquisition

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Impact of Technologies on Knowledge Acquisition

Running Head: Impact of Technologies on Knowledge Acquisition 1

Impact of Technologies on Knowledge Acquisition 2

Impact of Technologies on Knowledge Acquisition

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Impact of Technologies on Knowledge Acquisition

The ICTs development has rapidly transformed the production and acquisition of knowledge. The changes brought about by this new information &communication technologies have been of benefit on many countries. The most important thing is, the ICTs have created panorama of the opportunities that exploit power. This is embedded in information sharing. With the help of ICTs, the educational services are really growing. Before, the introduction of computers in learning institutions was hindered by cost, lack of connectivity and constraints on processing of information. The constraints were only removed in the developed countries. They were the only countries with the ability of introducing computers in their learning institutions. Today the knowledge acquisition by use of technologies has been facilitated by personal ownership of electronic information processing items. The individual ownership has now exploded and the connections to internet are commonplace.


There are various cases that act as a proof that technology has affected how people acquire knowledge. In this field, knowledge acquisition, repercussion from the technological side is positive. Currently, people have the ability to grasp vital context wherever they are within a short period. Inclusion of smartphones has made it easier for characters to gain knowledge in the easiest way (Cui, S., & Wu, 2016). Technology would always have more improvements in the field of knowledge acquisition, to make subjects that seem technical, easy to understand. Involvement of graphics in knowledge acquisition has greatly contributed to the effects technology has, accordingly. Also, learning institutions have stressed the importance of technology through including it as a discipline, to boost knowledge acquisition.


There are various people who need this information about how improvement of technology has impact on getting knowledge. Most of the recipients to this concept are scholars. Learners should be aware of the technological platforms that would enhance their studies in the most positive manner (Keeble, D., & Wilkinson, 2017). Various scholars have diversified approach to the technological spark, though having them guided through a common, and most helpful channel is suitable. More merits are realised in the technological education sector by the scholars than the cons. Therefore, more research on how technology can boost acquisition of knowledge is the best move learners are supposed to make always.

Rhetorical purpose

Technology is the most vital tool in the current century. Most of the advanced activities performed include technology to certain extensions. More so, where there is knowledge acquisition, technological applications appears to be the first encounter. Thus, all protocol observed should be served with genuine information about the latest technological enhancement to get the most appropriate results of what they are working for, accordingly (Spiro, J., Anderson, C., & Montague, 2017). Individuals concerned should come together and work abundantly to keep the constant improvement in the sophistication of technology, to make things better in the future and forever.


When it comes to knowledge acquisition, diversification is very important. It is therefore necessary that all countries go these technologies especially impacting knowledge to their students. These technologies have proved to be the best way of equipping knowledge to many developed countries. And therefore, no single country should be left behind. The new technologies will help in the transformation of the whole educational services. There is no single excuse for not using ICTs in knowledge acquisition as it comes with several benefits.


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