Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Society

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Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Society

You had done a mini-proposal on this project (Which is attached)
I got the following feedback and was given a go ahead and work on the final research (3000 words)

“All that’s missing here is a clear thesis question: what exactly is the question you’re hoping to answer in this paper? Probably it’s something like “will continuing on our current path with AI prove beneficial to society?” If your thesis winds up being a yes/no answer like this, you’ll probably want to consider what my MA supervisor called the “so what?” of the question: whether or not the current path is ethically ideal, what design or policy choices could be made to enhance the outcomes (that is, to turn a “no, it’s not ethical” into an “okay, this is ethical now” or a “yes, it’s ethical, despite its flaws” into a “yes, it’s ethical, and by doing this we can ameliorate the existing drawbacks even further”).


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That’s what you need to keep in mind as you develop the paper: your topic is great and you’ve identified salient issues, so just make sure you develop a strong, clear thesis to give your paper an argumentative through-line.” Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Society

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