Immigration in European Contemporary Cinema

This thesis would preferably be written in Spanish if not possible, English. The topic I want to look at is an exploration of immigrant and asylum seekers’ experiences and diaspora communities/individuals through European films. Utilizing the lens of race, class, gender and the way in which these lenses impact the experience of the characters of the film and the plot development. Situated in the current political environment of the EU this paper aims to add to the body of knowledge of film studies by taking a critical perspective on immigrant and refugee representation within European films. FILM ANALYSIS SUGGESTIONS (choose 1 or 2) Lilya 4 ever?God’s Own Country Lorna’s Silence La Promesse Fire at the Sea Almanya: Welcome to Germany Eternity for a Day In this World Refugees Welcome Our life as Refugee Children in Europe Stranger in Paradise Import/Export?Ali: Fear Eats the Soul Human Flow Dheepan? RECOMMENDED STYLE GUIDE STANDARD FORMAT AND STYLE RULES FOR THE DRAFTING OF FINAL DEGREE WORKS 1. EXTENSION OF WORK: The minimum length will be 30 pages and the maximum 50 pages (including indexes and bibliographies and without including annexes). APA CITATIONS STYLE 2. GENERAL STRUCTURE -Cover page – Index / General Summary (Analytical, detailed and pointing to the pages). – Other indexes and clarifications: Table and graph indexes. – Abbreviations used – Introduction (It usually contains, among other things, the purpose, theme and objectives of the work and the justification for the research and its relevance). – Chapters o They can be grouped into parts, depending on the theme. o It is convenient that they are more or less homogeneous in extension and that they be structured in different sections. – Conclusions – Appendices/annexes – Bibliography: Only the one that has been used must be included and must have been cited. You must alphabetize following the format that will be indicated later. 3. FORMAL STRUCTURE RULES The internal structure of the work can be organized as follows: Chapter Title: CAPITAL LETTERS AND CENTERING 1st level Roman, small caps and bold: I. XCCJKJASD 2nd level: Arabic, normal and white: 1. Xccjkjasd 3rd level: Arabic, normal and white: 1.1. Xccjkjasd 4th level: Arabic, normal and italic: 1.2.1. Xccjkjasd Level 5 and following: Round lowercase white prime letter. 4. FORMAT The writing must be done in Times New Roman font, size 12. Format: DIN A-4 with 2.5 cm margins. Paragraph: Justified, single line spacing, space between paragraphs: 6 before and 6 after and first line 1.25 cm. Page numbering: Bottom left. Page Header: Except on the cover, the title of the work should be reviewed on the left, surnames and the author’s name on the right. Citation-note system footnotes: Times New Roman 10 font, single line spacing, space between paragraphs 0 and first line none. 5. REFERENCES AND APPOINTMENTS It should always be mentioned: ? The original source of literally copied phrases. ? The original source of ideas or texts by other authors that are paraphrased or reproduced with other words. ? The source of the statistical data, the oral sources … Either of the two existing appointment systems can be used. Below are some criteria for each one. If any doubt arises, any of the web pages that collect information on the subject can be consulted. 5.1 Citation-note system: If this system is used, a subscript number that forwards the note is inserted after each appointment, they can be placed at the foot of the page (Alt + Ctrl + O). If a bibliographic reference is repeated several times, the first citation is abbreviated, followed by an ellipsis and the abbreviation cit is added. or op.cit., and the page number.

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Immigration in European Contemporary Cinema
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