IMC490-Methods Of Social Media


Your job for this assignment is to analyze a company’s comprehensive social media presence. This analysis should include all social networks on which the company has a profile, as well as specific details about each profile (number of followers, number of likes, etc.). 

In addition to the numerical data about each company’s profiles, it is your job to answer the following questions about each company:

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1) When was the company founded? Give us a little background on the organization itself. 

2) What are the company’s mission/values? This influences voice and tone on social media.

3) What are the voice and tone of each social profile? Are they consistent across platforms? 

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4) What are the intended target demographics for each account? How do you know? 

5) What is the purpose of each account? Selling? Promoting? Community Building? 

6) Which profile seems the most effective? Why? 

7) What could your company change about its social media marketing to be more effective? 

You should present your findings in a video presentation utilizing Adobe Spark ( Presentations should include the aforementioned required information as well as relevant examples of posts from each platform that solidify your points. These presentations should include a voiceover of you presenting the information in a clear and concise manner. Instructions on how to use Spark are readily available online. Included also should be any citations for the company information you find, as well as the @names or URLs for the profiles themselves.

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