ILS Psyched Management Essay

ILS Psyched Management Essay

ILS Assignment

Instructions: We will see how work is connected to historical moments and sociological concepts. Historians help us understand how work has evolved over time. Sociologists have helped us understand the impact of work on workers. These moments and ideas, in some way, play out in plays, poems, and stories we have read, and films we have viewed. For this assignment, you have chosen an idea related to the world of work and connected with at least one text (play, film, story, poem). ILS Psyched Management Essay


You want to develop your own clear idea (thesis) and support it in a thorough essay. Secondary research is expected (aim for at least three sources). The essay should be 3 pages. MLA must be used to format the essay and for documenting your sources. Remember the golden rule: “If you use a source (quote, paraphrase, or summarize), you must cite it in your essay and then provide the full citation in a Works Cited page.”

Please only follow the instructions and the provided way to layout the paper.

MGMT Assignment #4

Instructions: Write a 2 pages of research-based paper on the Operations Management (OM) strategy of Whole Foods. The research should also include the core points and critical operational strategies of Whole Foods. The company has made rapid entry into niche markets, new store formats & targeting new customer base, what are the main reasons behind this growth?

In your closing statement – please give your learning from their operational success.

Note: The paper can be a combination of paragraphs & bullet points. Please cite references as applicable.


PSYC Emailed Assignment



Assignment 2

  1. Describe the process of classical conditioning and how it applies to everyday life.


  1. What is Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, and what according to Maslow’s is the ideal state of bring?ILS Psyched Management Essay


At least 4 pages and needed quality content, title as well as references.




Assignment 1


Name and describe the Big Five Traits and how you see these in your personality.


At least 3 pagesand needed quality content, title as well as references.  ILS Psyched Management Essay

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