Identify and analyze what you believe to be the most significant new technology

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Technology Assessment

Write a four to five (4) page paper in which you:

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1. Identify and analyze what you believe to be the most significant new technology

requirements for the health care industry. Indicate how providers should approach the

implementation of this new technology requirement that you have identified. Provide support

for the response.

2. Analyze the basic technology underlying health care information systems. Argue that the

need for technological innovation and/or modification is most pressing. Support the argument

with examples.

3. Recommend an innovation/modification, and explain how the recommendation could

improve the overall level of health care in your own community. Include specific example(s)

using local hospitals or other health care providers to support the response.

4. Suggest a key action that senior health care leadership could take in the community in

which you live to push the boundaries of information technology management. Next,

speculate on the effect to the community as a result of the improvement to the health care


5. Use at least three (3) quality resources in this assignment, APA format. Note: Wikipedia

and similar Websites do not qualify as quality resources.

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