Assignment Information

Before beginning political advocacy, one must identify a problem that needs to be addressed through health care policy. Sometimes, political advocacy is needed when established health care policies are not adequate for solving a problem, or when the legislation creates new problems. This assignment is the first in a three-part project.

The purpose of this three-part project is to guide you through the process of selecting a problem, identifying evidence-based solutions, and designing a political advocacy plan to address the problem with those solutions.

In this first assignment, you will select a consumer challenge related to equity, access, affordability, and/or social justice in health care, and you will analyze how existing policies address this challenge. Completion of this assignment will demonstrate your achievement of the following course outcome:

6. analyze the impact of sociocultural, economic, and environmental influences on health care policies to understand consumer challenges related to equity, access, affordability, and social justice in health care

Assignment Guidelines

  1. Identify a nursing or health care issue that relates to a current health policy or political issue pertaining to equity, access, affordability, and/or social justice in health care.
  2. In a 3–4-page paper, complete the following:

1. Identify the problem, noting its relationship to equity, access, affordability, and/or social justice in health care.

2. Describe the population most affected by this problem, noting whether this is a vulnerable population.

3. Describe health care and health disparities that may be related to this problem and population.

4. Summarize legislation and/or political activities that relate to the identified problem.

5. Analyze the effect that this legislation has had on the consumer challenge.

6. Uses APA style for your citations and references.

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