Humanities 1720 Section 91 Fall

For each assignment you will:

choose a topic to research (for the first assignment the topic needs to be from Chapters 1 through 11, in the approximate time frame of  beginning civilizations to 1200s CE; for the second assignment the topic needs to be from Chapters 12 through 19, in the approximate time frame of 1200s CE to 1600 CE).  Topics could be persons, architectural pieces, philosophies, art movements, historical events, political movements, particular empires or dynasties, types of music, etc.  If there is a humanities topic that you would like to do that falls within our time frames, and you don’t see it referenced in our textbook, please ask me.

have that topic approved by your instructor (if you do not have a topic approved prior to the dates assignments are due, I will feel free not to accept any of what you may submit).


find (3) scholarly sources, either articles or chapters from books (or ONE of your sources could be a video documentary), written about your topic.  If you use book chapters, you cannot use three chapters from the same book, they must be from different books (unless the book is anthology).

write a one-page summary on each of your three sources.

submit your research assignment, which is the three summaries (one on each source) and a bibliography/Works Cited page (using MLA format) correctly listing each of your sources, to the appropriate dropbox in D2L.  ALL research assignments must be in Microsoft Word or Rich text format or .pdf, or they will not be graded.  (Each research assignment is worth up to 60 points.)

There is NOT a research paper due in addition to writing the summaries.  Writing the three summaries, one each on three separate sources, IS the assignment.

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