Human Resource Management: Individual reflection on Coaching

Assignment – Individual Reflection on Coaching

Write a brief reflection (no more than 1,000 words) on your experience of providing personal coaching to a peer over four 30 minute sessions which were conducted during class time. The aim of this assignment is to encourage the process of reflection that enhances the development of self-knowledge and understanding. The refection should show that you understand the principles and practices of coaching on a one to one basis. You will show that you have a basic knowledge of the coaching process, including how to create the coaching relationship and engage in coaching conversations. You will show that you have learnt to use questioning techniques and other coaching tools in the coaching process. It is most important to show how you applied the GROW model (details of this model are attached) to manage the coaching process You should also show that you have developed a critical awareness and understanding of the potential and limitations of coaching. This reflection should link up concepts and ideas and create new understandings and indeed new ideas. You should address the following questions in your reflection: What if any differences are there between your perception and that of the coachee? What do you think are the implications of these differences? What about the session has satisfied you? What makes you nervous or uncomfortable? What coaching skills will you target for improvement? What have you learned that will be useful for next time? Core Text (Essential reading) • Whitmore, J. 2009. Coaching for Performance (3rd or 4th Edition).

London: Nicholas Brealey Publishing. • O’Broin, A. and Palmer, S. (2006). The coach-client relationship and contributions by the coach in improving coaching outcome. The Coaching Psychologist, 2, 2, 16-20 • Rabatin, Joseph S.; Lipkin Jr., Mack; Rubin, Alan S.; Schachter, Allison; Nathan, Michael; Kalet, Adina. 2004. A Year of Mentoring in Academic Medicine: case report and qualitative analysis of fifteen hours of meetings between a junior and senior faculty member. Journal of General Internal Medicine. Volume 19. Part 2. p569-573


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