Human Population Growth

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Human Population Growth




Select one country and to compare it to USA on the 10 parameters, enter your data in the table given in the table below.


Here are the parameters and the websites to be used: for most of the parameters (1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8) use CIA website:

the information is found under People and Society tab.


For parameters 2., Population density; and 9., GDP (PPP)/capita see: ,

click on the country you selected and scroll down the information under the flag


Information for parameter 10, Total expenditure on health per capita, can be found in: , clin on the country of choice,

look under Statistics.


Before you start with the numbers, define each of the parameters from the table.

After you finish, compare both countries on the base of the information you have collected.




· Population329.9 Million 
· Life expectancy  
· TFR (Total Fertility Rate)  
· Population growth rate  
· Doubling Time  
· Birth Rate  
· Death Rate  
· Infant Mortality Rate  
· GDP (PPP)/capita  
· Total expenditure on health per capita 

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