Human Centric Marketing for Brand Attraction

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 Read Chapter 8 Human Centric Marketing for Brand Attraction from the book “Marketing 4.0 ISBN 9788-1265-66938 and answer the following questions separately including details and examples with subheadings in 2 pages, not including cover or Reference pages. Utilize at least 1 citation from text and 2 professional references with citations in body of writing as evidence to support your answers (Professional journals). Cover page, separate references, page numbers, running head, subheadings for questions. Page 1-2 cover these 2 questions- Question 1: What are the deepest anxieties and desires of your customers? Question 2: Does your brand posses human qualities? What can you do to make it more human? Page 3: • discussion of 3 key new learning points from the learning activities in 3 paragraphs with subheadings (Text ) • discussion of importance of each of these key points in a typical traditional to Digital marketing environment. • At least 1 supportive citation and Reference


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