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Human Anatomy & Physiology


A small family was traveling in its van and had a minor accident. The children in the back seats were wearing lap belts, but still sustained numerous bruises about the abdomen, and had some internal organ injuries. Why is this area more vulnerable to damage than others?



Week 1 Discussion 2 – Human Body

Judy is 16 years old and collapses on the gym floor with severe pain in her chest wall every time she takes a deep breath. She is rushed by ambulance to the emergency room. Judy is diagnosed with pleurisy and is given an anti-inflammatory drug through the intravenous route. Explain why an …


Week 1 Discussion 3 – Human Body

Sara is giving birth to her first child. She is concerned that her labor is taking longer than she thought it would. Why does giving birth usually take time for the contractions to proceed to the point when the child is born?


Week 2 Discussion 1- Chemistry Comes Alive- Chapter 2

How can DNA be used to “”fingerprint”” a suspect in a crime?



Week 2 Discussion 2- Chemistry Comes Alive

A 65-year-old patient came to the emergency room with complaints of severe heartburn unrelieved by taking a “”large handful”” of antacids. Would you expect the pH to be high or low? Explain why.



Week 2 Discussion 3 – Chemistry Comes Alive Chapter 2

Why is it possible for us to drink a solution that contains a mixture of equal concentration of a strong acid and a strong base

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