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HRMN Discussion Questions

Discussion 1:

In light of our course readings regarding 4IR, what predicted changes  might impact your organization or an organization with which you are  familiar? Be specific. How might 4IR impact the future of unions? Or  not?

Provide at least one reference.

Interact with at least one classmate.

Discussion 2:

Suppose that you are a senior manager in a large unionized  organization. The global marketplace and potentially 4IR are placing  increasing demands on your organization to be agile and market change  responsive.  Select one “force” on Porter’s Five Forces Model to initiate a dialog with your union leadership. Your goal is to describe the potential impact of the force and how labor and management might collaborate for agility rather than win/lose battle lines. (This is typical today not only of the global marketplace but also in light of COVID 19)

Provide at least one reference.

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