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How would you set up your WBS?,

Week 6: Planning and Scheduling (graded)

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Assume you were appointed as project manager to lead a dozen of your classmates to write up an end-of-course summary guide that would be used to update all areas of the course (i.e., discussion questions, lectures, assignments, quizzes, and exams). You get to meet face to face periodically, but the majority of the work is done via conference call and e-mail. You plan to form subteams to work on each of these elements, each headed by a subteam leader. How would you set up your WBS? What are some of the considerations you made when you decided on this structure? Read a number of your classmates’ ideas and look for similarities and differences. Ask questions about why a person set up his or her plan as he or she did. Would you change anything about your plan after networking with others?

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