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How to Write a Resignation Letter (with examples)

Are you ready to switch your job? Changing a job from one place to another is quite common in today’s time. We need growth, knowledge enhancement, skills improvement, and a handsome package to meet our daily requirements. For that, we need to resign from one organization and require to join somewhere else. When you are ready to quit, you have to think a lot especially when you are working on your resignation letter that what you are going to include or what points (either positive or negative) you will add to your letter.

You have to maintain a compelling tone, convincing arguments and rationally thoughts on your letter to face the counter-arguments through your letter. This level of thinking will save you from disrupted communication between you and your employer without leaving a bad impression and discontentment on the employer whom you are going to leave. All these things lead you to write a resignation letter with grace and diligence.

Definition of resignation letter

A resignation letter acts as a piece of paper in which an employee states his or her reason for leaving the current employer. When you have a well-crafted resignation letter in your hand, you will able to maintain a healthy relationship with your old employers. Using appropriate words on your resignation letter with the right approach, you can leave a strong and positive final impression while moving out of the organization.

Points to be included in a resignation letter

  • Don’t make your resignation letter long or complicated, try to include essential aspects using a pleasing tone.
  • The date of the last day on the job and include formal notice you have given the company.
  • The name and designation of the official person to whom you have worked with.
  • Write your statement short and to the point reflecting your intention of resigning.
  • Don’t forget to express your gratitude for providing you a chance to grow.
  • Show your availability for providing proper training to your replacement.
  • Sign your letter and pen down your contact information for any post-departure queries or communication.
  • Present your well-wishes for the future of your current employer.

Either chose to hand-deliver the printed document or mail as an attachment to the human resources department and your manager or team lead.

Points to be avoided while writing a resignation letter

Your resignation letter will store with other employees’ files and it may be referred by your employer in the future when anyone seeks a reference. A poorly written letter may affect your career long once you have moved from your current organization. Thus, try to avoid some basic mistakes to make sure that your letter will not create a bad reference.

  • Don’t enlighten or explain the reason for leaving your position.
  • Don’t include the downsides of the job, the behavior of your team members or the negative aspects of the company.
  • Never include brag about your plans regarding your career growth.
  • Don’t send incomplete or unedited documents with mistakes.
  • Don’t make it too lengthy, stick to one page.

Make sure that you have used a positive and professional tone while composing your resignation letter which could not get against you in the future.

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