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How to Write a Perfect Commentary for Your English Coursework?

What Is a Literary Commentary?

A literary commentary is a detailed analysis of a given passage or a paragraph, including its functions and characteristics. It is written to investigate the passage’s main themes demonstrating how the language functions to express its substance. The aim of writing a commentary is to provide a platform to explore different perspectives on a given topic. This is why professors generally assign students to write a commentary for their English coursework. But, most of them are not aware of the process of writing it; therefore, search How to write a commentary for English coursework?” or take assistance from the English coursework helper in Australia.

How to Write a Perfect Commentary for English Coursework?

Before writing a commentary, you need to have in-depth knowledge about the same so that you can present your viewpoints in a unique way. Basically, writing a commentary is divided into 3 major phases. They are: 

PHASE I: Working on English Coursework Commentary

PHASE II: Writing English Coursework Commentary

PHASE III: Adding Perfection to English Coursework Commentary

So, let’s get a better insight into these 3 phases and write a perfect commentary for English coursework.

PHASE I: Working on English Coursework Commentary

Step 1 – Read the Passage Multiple Times

Start working on your commentary by reading the passage aloud more than once until you understand it well. Take time to read every single word and sentence carefully. This will help you interpret the text, and ensure you have understood every detail.

TIP – Jot down your thoughts and questions that come to your mind while reading the passage.

Step 2 – Highlight the Major Keywords

Grab a pen or pencil, and highlight everything that seems to be important in the text. Also, look for the words that are bold and italicized because this usually indicates that they are important to the author and essential to understanding the text.

TIP – Highlight the words that you don’t understand or have questions about so that you can discuss them while writing a commentary.

Step 3 – Create a Proper Outline

While writing a commentary, you should follow a very clear outline. Simply analyze the structure, content, and shape of the given text. Your outline should look like –

  • Introduction – Determine the given text
  • Main Body – Address main text features
  • Conclusion – Summarize your thoughts on the text

TIP – Do not include the thesis statement while creating an outline.

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