How to be a brilliant marketer?

You don’t need to have a degree in marketing or business to be a brilliant marketer. No one is born to be a brilliant marketer because the skills needed to be successful in marketing are constantly changing. You don’t also need to be an expert on B2B, lead generation, advertising campaigns, or social media to be a brilliant marketer. If you want to achieve success as a marketer, you just need to commit to the right priorities and engage in the right habits.

We asked Idan Ben Or, SEO and marketing expert to give us simple habits and practices that successful marketers engage in.

  1. Create a Plan

Being a marketer is one of the most stressful yet fulfilling jobs. Marketers are always on the go. They handle a lot of tasks, projects, and assignments most of the time. In order to keep track of your priorities on a daily basis given that each of your tasks, projects, and assignment are on different phases, you need to create a plan, set your daily goals, check your priorities and focus on what needs to be done and when.

  1. Create and Maintain Good Relationships

Building and maintaining relationships is important to a marketer. You need to build a network to be able to market your campaign. The first people you always reach out to in marketing are the people that you know and then you ask them to spread the word about your campaign by sharing your content online or even by word of mouth. The more people you know, the bigger your network will be which may result in easily reaching your target audience. Always try to form a loyal customer base by building strong relationships with your customers.

  1. Bring out your Creativity

Exercise your creativity in marketing. In marketing, you must always come up with something new, something unique that will pique the interests of your audience. Usually, you come up with crazy ideas when you are not doing anything or when you are doing something else. It would be great if you always have a notebook and a pen with you so that you can write down the crazy ideas that suddenly pop to your mind. You tend to forget about these ideas so it’s better to write them down. Another important tip is to always ask questions. Try to get as much information as you can, whether it is about the campaign, your audience, past projects etc. Getting answers in marketing is important. Don’t forget that.

  1. Check the Competition

Check the websites or social media of your competitors. See what type of content works best for them and check the topics that appeal the most to their audience. You can get valuable insight by doing this. It doesn’t mean that you will copy what they have done. It just gives you an idea on what you should do and how you should improve. Brilliant marketers make it a daily habit to check on their competition to see what they are publishing, check if there are changes, and take note of competitive opportunities.

Check your competitors in every platform
  1. Try Different Marketing Channels and Platforms

There is no single channel or platform that works best to deliver content. Each channel or platform has its own advantages and disadvantages. Try to experiment and see what works best. What matters is the content. You need to create new content regularly and you need to create quality content. You can also recycle old content but repurpose or format them for different platforms.

  1. Optimize Existing Marketing Channels

You should know when and how to optimize your existing marketing channels. Do a regular auditing of your website. Your main goal is to achieve high conversion rates and to have calls to action that are performing well. You can do this by doing A/B testing and using analytical tools.  See what works best, where your prospect clients are from, when they convert and what form of message appeals the most to them. Once you optimize your different marketing channels such as your website, social media, and email, you can achieve great results.

  1. Learn to Use and Understand Analytical Tools

A lot of successful marketers focus on analytics. Pay attention to what the data is telling you. The data that you get from analytical tools can provide insight into the behavior of the customers, the effectiveness of your marketing strategies, and what works and what doesn’t work in your marketing attempts. Learn how to use the analytical tools to efficiently and effectively direct your marketing

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