how morals influence decions

Write a 6-8 paragraph essay (paper) in response to one of the prompts below.Read the prompt carefully, and give a strong thesis and objective analysis in response. Be sure to use textual support from each text listed with the prompt you select. In your essay, do not focus solely on the text; focus on the prompt and use 3 citations from the texts (at least 1 from each) as support. Please cite in MLA format and include page numbers. The response is an argument and must have a clear thesis, topic sentences, and each paragraph must be 5-6 sentences in length.v Morals are often formed based on one’s beliefs, culture, and/or values. These morals can influence how a person treats and views others. Analyze the importance of morals when making important decisions in life with regard to oneself and to others. Use support in the form of analysis and examples and citations from: “An Animal’s Place”, “The Case for Animal Rights” and/or “Thank God for the Atom Bomb”

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