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How Many Pages is 1000 Words

One of the most common questions that appear almost every student’s mind is “How many Pages is 1000 words?” Whether you are using MS Word or Google Docs, sometimes counting the words is necessary for academic work. Pages not only depend on the number of words but also the font, size, spacing, margins, and paragraphs. Furthermore, the process of counting pages depends on all the mentioned factors.

Be it Word or Google Docs, there are some basic calculations to check the word count:

  • If you are writing 1000 words with Arial font keeping the font size 12pt and single spacing, then it will comprise 2 pages.
  • If the font size is 10pt and the font is Calibri, then it will take 2 pages to complete 1000 words with double space.
  • Pages will be 4 if you keep the font in Times New Roman and font size 12pt with double space.

How to calculate pages depending on words?

As the number of pages depends on the formatting, you need to take care of it while writing your academic papers. Pages vary on the way you format your page. Sometimes assignments are given to you not on the basis of word count but on the basis of pages. The teacher indeed dictates the formatting of the project. And on the basis of that, the number of pages varies. Words also play a secondary role in it.

The choice, as well as the use of words, put a major impact on your writing. Especially when you are writing personal blog or an essay, you have to very selective for your words. This is because it will help you to justify your arguments correctly.

Let’s have a look at the examples:


If the word limit is 1000, the pages will depend on the font size, type, margins, and spacing. It would also take 2-4 pages depending on the spacing guidelines. In the case of writing the essay by hand, then it will completely depend on the student’s handwriting.

Example 2:

Suppose you are trying a blog of 500 words for a website. In this case, the number of pages will depend on the layout of the website page. It will determine the ultimate look of the text. Moreover, you can check the word count on Word or Google doc. But the number of pages will be determined by the different layout of the webpage.

Counting Page is a Subjective Matter:

Certainly, if you closely look to an article or any blog, you will see that page count is subjective. For magazines, it can last up to 10-12 pages due to the advertisements. However, when you write a 500 words essay, it may take a page or two depending on the formatting. But for children’s books, 500 words can take 20 pages also. The large fonts and images take the 500 words to last up to 20 pages.

So practically “How many Pages is 1000 Words?” depends on the font, size, margins, space, and other factors as well. Along with that, where you are publishing and for whom you are publishing also make a great deal. It is nothing but a required element in academics. It also keeps track of your personal reasons.

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