How is the nursing process used in developing health education?

Explain the role of health education in health promotion. How is the nursing process used in developing health education? Describe a contemporary issue, local or global, that a family may experience today. What steps would the nurse take to address these as part of a health education plan?


 Read Chapter 5 in Health Promotion: Health and Wellness Across the Continuum.

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Read “The Impact of Intimate Partner Violence on Women’s Physical Health: Findings From the Missouri Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System,” by Bosch, Weaver, Arnold, and Clark, from Journal of Interpersonal Violence (2017).


Read “Domestic Violence: The Challenge for Nursing,” by Draucker, from Online Journal of Issues in Nursing (2002).


Read “Barriers to Effective Screening for Domestic Violence by Registered Nurses in the Emergency Department,” by Ellis, from Critical Care Nursing Quarterly (1999).


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