How did his micro economic work provide basis for many principles and theories

Complete each of the following three (3) essays: double-spaced, as a single MS-Word or rich text format document file, numbered consecutively; length 7 – 8 [Max] page range TOTAL, and without references listed. This is a critical thinking & analytical assignment which should be written exclusively in your own words & perspective. No outside sources need be used (with the exception of the second reflective essay), as this assignment seeks your own informed interpretation from the basis of the microeconomic course content… Analyze your chosen topics in terms of your own economic understanding of the underlying microeconomic principles. The bulk of your essay content should be involved with the treatment of applying micro economic concepts & principles from the course content. The final paragraph should reflect your conclusions. Summary or narrative description is valued less than substantive economic analysis and supportive argument…

The assigned topics are as follows:

1. Choose any two of the Case Studies from the bottom of the weekly Modules. Initially identify the principal microeconomic concepts involved, and then compare / contrast between the two topics. As always, try to focus on the specific theories / principles which are reflected from our textbook by applying their relevance in each paragraph.


2. Consider the following famous economist: David Ricardo (1772 – 1823).

How did his micro economic work provide basis for many principles and theories which were studied in this course? The best essays will be entirely in your own words and with your personal interpretation, rather than copied from other sources. You may research the background work of this famous economist. Do not include information which is unrelated to the principles of this course. Try to focus primarily on concepts which you have encountered in the textbook and evaluate the significance of his contributions towards the study of modern micro economics; and finally: 3. Describe specifically how your economic thinking has been affected by this course and how you can best make use [apply] the central principles and theories which were studied. Choose three (3) specific theories or ideas from course and explain how they affect you personally.

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